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Corporate Infantry, is a sales management book
that will give you the answers you need to become the Sales Leader you want to be. Corporate Infantry Book


If you are like many sales professionals, you have searched for a sales management book to improve your sales numbers, and get your sales force where you want them to be.


If you have grown frustrated finding only high-level theory sales management books with no real answers, or worse yet, ultra-basic sales books that a seasoned Girl Scout could write.

I might have the answer for you.

Corporate Infantry is a fast-paced, easy to read book with content that you can immediately begin applying to improve sales in your organization. 

You will understand the role
of the modern salesperson.

  • You will understand what it takes to be an effective sales professional in today's market
  • Learn entirely new problem-solving skills
  • You will learn how to hire, train, and retain a world-class sales team specifically for your organization
  • You will overcome any fears, and procrastination will disappear


It is an entertaining book with applicable, real-world, content on how to improve your sales force starting today.


In fact, it will help turn your entire company into a sales focused organization that will eliminate your competition.


Your sales will increase, while the effort to make those sales will decrease leaving you more time for your family and luxury vacations.  Isn’t that why you searched for a sales management book in the first place?


Even if you are new to sales, or sales management, this sales management book  will be the foundation on which you build your career in sales.


If you are experienced in sales and sales management, Corporate Infantry will show you how to get your sales and sales force to where you want them to be.  You will find out what is missing that is holding them back.

You will understand your leadership role
and responsibilities
as a Leader in Sales.

  • You will effectively communicate and delegate like never before
  • Learn the single greatest job performance improvement tool, and how to master it
  • You will know the three areas which you compete against in the market, and why you don't want to win in all three
  • How to easily multiply the reach of your sales staff without hiring additional sales people.


Since Corporate Infantry is written in an entertaining and easy to read style, it will be like taking a stress-free break while building your knowledge to improve sales in your organization.

“Using his own war stories and business experience, SaintAmour now clarifies the direct, no-nonsense, war-fighting strategies, tactics, and leadership principles used by the US Army Infantry for success in both combat and business.

                                              -Randy Zales

                                              Creator of InTAC Teams  

Your peers will think you are brilliant, your subordinates will think you are amazing, and your clients will wonder what happened to you as you transform from a sales professional to a sales leader.


Take a look at what Murray Smith, the New York Times Best Selling Author of The Answer said.


Great leaders are made not born, Fred provides you all of the answers you need to become a great sales leader.”


It is true.  Corporate Infantry provides you with the right information, in the right order for you to improve sales, and make more money.  

You will understand how to improve
the sales in the organization
as a whole.

  • Create a new level of synergy across all departments, and especially the marketing department
  • How to plan strategically in order to attack your market
  • Evaluate and improve everything you and your sales force does effortlessly and automatically


Corporate Infantry will provide you the answers you need to increase sales, improve your sales force, and work in a sales focused organization.  It will make you more money, and allow you to live an easier life. The only source for this information is in this sales management book. 


If you prefer to own this book in
PDF download format, and begin reading it immediately

Corporate Infantry Ebook


Or, is you prefer to own a paperback copy, and can stand the wait, click on the blue button belowCorporate Infantry Paperback
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Either way, enjoy the book!!!

P.S. $1.00 from each book sold goes to Veteran Love, a non-profit organization helping disabled veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq. If you are not completely satisfied with Corporate Infantry, just tell me and 100% of the profit from the book will go there as well. That is my 100% satisfaction guarantee. I will even contact you in two-weeks to get your feedback. The only thing at risk is that you might end up making a donation to our veterans by purchasing this sales management book.

If you need further information, I can be contacted at Fred@sales-management-solutions.com

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