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Sales Force Management has been re-named Sales Leadership!

First and foremost, if you are in a Sales Force Management position you need to understand that you do not "manage" people. People aren't managed, they are lead by leaders. You can help your people manage their day, their priorities, their accounts, their activities, and their territories... Sales force management as we knew it, is dead.

Once you become crystal clear that you don't manage people, you lead them. Then, you are no longer a Sales Manager; you are officially a Sales Leader, leading sales people, via sales leadership.

You lead your people. Everything else you do all day in your role as a sales manager is management.

For additional resources on leadership you can click on this sales leadership link. There is also a ton of more great leadership stories I share from my combat experience with Task Force Ranger in Somalia in my book Corporate Infantry: Everything I know about corporate sales I learned in combat.

You will need it because sales Leadership is one of the toughest positions in corporate America today. Yet, with leadership, comes responsibility. First off, you are in charge and responsible of a bunch of yahoo-sales-cowboys that all suffer from ADHD, overwhelm, and an inability to complete paperwork.

If that leadership role isn't enough, you also have to manage everything else on top of that.

You have to build, define, refine and manage the sales and marketing plans. You have to get very intimate with marketing. Not how to do it, that is the job of marketing. It is your job to guide marketing with marketing insights, and tell marketing what to do and when to do it in the sales and marketing plan. (aka the sales process) That is specifically why it is called "sales and marketing" and not "marketing and sales". Sales comes first. You must define the sales plan (process) first, and then fit the marketing plan into it.

Don’t fret. I make the explanation of marketing really simple. Really, really simple. I understand my audience is a bunch of sales people. I will take you step-by-step through the scary world of marketing. You will blow the doors off those marketing geeks with your marketing insights , sales leadership , and guidance.

You can always get my help with all these things via my trademarked Coachsulting process.

With the ever increasing demands of sales force management, you must become better at your own personal productivity, and teach your sales Force to do the same. Effective time management is the key to this. Conventional (read here: nerdy-geek) time management training only works for accountants and program managers. But, not for the distracted, reactionary, sales leaders, leading distracted, overwhelmed, sales forces. Effective time management for sales, is required.

Once you yourself have maximized your personal productivity, you must now understand and employ Sales Force Multipliers. These can triple the effectiveness of your sales staff without having to hire and compensate any additional sales professionals.

Recruiting and then hiring the right people for your sales team can be a constant struggle. You need to add some technology to this process because hiring on gut-instinct isn't the best technique anymore.

Then once you hire them, you must develop them by teaching them that sales is simple. and you must also counsel them. Great, good, or bad, part of sales force management is counseling your people. Leaders counsel, and since you are a sales leader, so must you. I know, I know, it is uncomfortable and a pain in the ass, but counseling must be done if you are going to be an effective leader.

Lastly, knowing the ins and outs of strategic planning, is so important to sales force management in todays fast paced and hectic world. I will teach you the most effective way to conduct stategic planning that everyone will think you are a deep and envisioned strategist. When in actuality, it is a simple process that any knuckle-dragging sales guy can do.

Additional information on strategic planning can be found by click the link above. There is also several chapters in my book Corporate Infantry: Everything I know about corporate sales I learned in combat. that really drills down into the strategic planning process.

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