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Writing a mission statement is simple. 

For a very effective mission statement, follow this simple format and fill in the blanks as you go and.  There are five components  

Who:  State who is doing the mission.  Is this mission being assigned to an individual, a team, an organization…?

What:  Write down what you want them to accomplish without telling them “how”.  The how comes with implied guidance from your Leader’s Vision Statement

When: Put here when a time frame is necessary.  This can be expresses as a specific time and date (11:30 on the 28th of March) when the mission has to be done at a specific time and date.  An example might be a trade show.  The “when can also be given as a no-later-than date.  This is used when the mission has to be done before a certain date, but completing the mission before that date is okay.

Where: (Optional) Put here where your mission applies.  Examples:  In Michigan, in the United States, In North America, in the world….

And Lastly,

Why:  Why are doing this mission in the first place.

If I gave myself a mission for writing my book, Corporate Infantry: Everything I know about Corporate Sales I learner in Combat, it would have looked something like this:

Fred SaintAmour (Who) is tasked with writing a book (What) by June 2008 (When), at his home office (Where), to provide sales leaders the information they need to increase sales in the organization (why). 

The biggest thing to note in creating a mission statement is that this is no “How”.  The how is left up to your employees and empowered planners to figure out.  The next step is to provide your

Leader’s Vision Statement.

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