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Coaching Management of Sales plus Sales Management Consulting equals CoachSulting

(Sorry for the awkward wording, Coaching Management of Sales,was used this way in order for you to find me. Apparently sales managers don't search for Sales Management Coaching. Rather, they search for Coaching Sales Management... Leave it to sales guys...)

What CoachSulting does for Sales Managers...

CoachSulting makes sales mangers look brilliant to their peers, amazing to their sales teams and job threatening to their boss.

There are some great benefits that corporation can derive by hiring a consultant. Yet, consulting comes with some limitations and drawbacks. There are also some great benefits that can be gained with coaching management of sales. And yet coaching also comes with drawbacks and limitations.

The pros and cons are each described below:            

Sales Management Consulting

 Pros                                              Cons 

Do a lot of the work for you                Loss-of-input

Targeted expert advice                      Expensive

Standardized Process                         Not customizable

Broad industry perspective                  Doesn’t account for uniqueness

Coaching Management of Sales  

 Pros                                              Cons 

You do the work                                Takes time to see effect

Customizable                                     No standardization of experience

Affordable                                         Questionable expertise

Introspective                                     Loss of the big picture

CoachSulting:  The Best of Both Worlds

  • The work that requires expertise is done for you based upon your input.
  • The work that does not require expertise is completed by your people insuring their input.  
  • This shared work approach reduces costs, increases sales force engagement and empowerment, while speeding up tangible results.
  • Results in a standardized process with a customized approach, unique to your organization.
  • You get all the benefits of both coaching management of sales, and sales management consulting.

CoachSulting takes top-down guidance from the sales leader in the organization, and returns a bottom-up, executable plan that the empowered sales force created.

(When the sales force creates the plan, they can’t really complain about it can they?)

This is the strategic planning approach used throughout the military.

Generals don’t say, “I want you to attack that hill at 0700, and here is your plan to do it.” Rather they say, “I want you to attack that hill at 0700 and you have three hours to brief me on your plan on how you are going to do it.” That is the same mission-down-plan-up approach you need to take as a Sales Manager.

Give me and your sales staff the mission. We will work out the plan (ex: Sales and Marketing plans) and come back and brief you on it. You change what you don’t like and we will adjust the plan accordingly.

At the end of the CoachSulting agreement we will have identified your companies ideal client, their demographics and more importantly their psychographics (specifically what clients want from your company).

We will be clear on your ideal clients’ decision-making process and why that is critical for the sales process. You will have a documented sale process that is agreed upon by the sales team.

You will have a marketing plan which is integrated into the sales process not operating outside of it.

Your most effective lead generation strategies will be identified and perfected making your marketing content laser-focused on your ideal client, nail their hot buttons, moving them from suspects to prospects.

Your lead qualification and lead conversion processes will be known by the entire sales team as well as scripted out with sales scripts. Your sales team will know the words to say, when to say them, and how to say them.

All you have to do as the sales leader is approve or reject the different aspects of the plan along the way.

The end result is a watertight sales and marketing plan that is accepted and agreed upon by all concerned.

You can see that by combining the best aspects of Coaching Management of Sales and Sales Management Consulting you will look brilliant to your peers, amazing to your sales teams and job threatening to your boss.

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