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Sales Management: The Art of Managing Dysfunction

Congratulations! As a sales management professional, you are about to get the answers you need to become the sales leader that you want to be. 

I am here to help you make your  decision to be in management seem a little better, your job a lot easier, and bring you sales success.

You will look brilliant to your peers, amazing to your sales team, and job-threatening to you boss using the information you will find inside.

This sight was specifically set up for sales leaders, just like you. 

There is a ton of information out there for sales people. But not so much for hard-working, brilliant, sales leaders like us trying to increase the sales of their challenging sales force.

I found the content out there for Sales Leaders to be a bunch of theory, and not applicable in the jungle-land of sales.

The only place you will find this information guys is right here.

My promise to you is that on this site you will easily find great, applicable content, that is real-world tested, and will drive sales.

The great thing is once you learn the skills, strategies and tactics required to be a world-class sales professional, you can take the information contained in this website and teach it to your sales force.

You can use this website one of two ways. The first way is simply use it as a great resource for sales content. Come here and peruse the content when you are stuck or need information.

Or, you can use this site as professional development training. The link bar on the left is set up to guide you through the information you need to become an amazing sales manager. It is the right information in the right order. Simply start moving through this site by clicking on the first topic and then work your way down through to the last topic. Either way, please bookmark this page now.

Come on in and take a peek inside, we are going to have some fun learning about Sales Management...

Sales Force Management... no such thing. You lead, not manage, a sales force.
Sales Force Management should be re-named Sales Force Leadership. Here is the leadership lessons you need to survive in Sales Force Management (leadership) roles.
The strategic planning process has 10 steps. Understanding the components of strategic planning process is critial to the effectiveness of the stategic planning process
Here you will find the steps in strategic planning process and the factors and the components of stategic planning as well
Coaching Management of Sales or Sales Management Consulting which is better?
There are both pros and cons to coaching management of sales and sales management consulting. I have combined the pros into Coachsulting. Find out how sales management consulting and coaching works
Corporate Infantry: A sales management book for that will improve your organization's sales, and sales force.
A sales management book that provides the answers you need to become the sales leader you want to be.A sales management book.
The importance of time management to your bottom-line cannot be under realized in today's economy.
The importance of time management is that it affects your profitability both positively and negatively

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